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    Why LHNE?  It's more than standardized test scores.  While we are proud that our students perform well academically, this data is near the end of the discussion when it comes to sharing the perks of becoming an Eagle.  Many of the benefits are very difficult to convey with numbers, but are better understood when they are experienced directly:  The friendly atmosphere, the teachers who go above and beyond their calling, the togetherness, the empowering of the students to be independent and responsible, to discern right from wrong and make God-pleasing choices, and to see many students involved in a large number of activities each and every day.  Yes, the graduation rate is almost always 100%, the same number are headed off to college, and a great number of scholarships are received, but the journey through the four years is filled with so much more.

    We seek to educate, develop, and prepare Christian servants for leadership, and character building is one big byproduct of this goal.  So how do we share the experience with you?  First, you can listen to the experiences of others.  We will gladly provide contact information for families and alumni who have been a part of LHNE in the past, and their honesty of their first-hand experiences would be a great place to start.  Second, you can stop by anytime during the school day for a tour to peer into classrooms, observe the students in the hallways, or even come on a Wednesday at 10:00 A.M. to join us in worship.  Lastly, your son or daughter can shadow any time to experience a day in the life as an Eagle.  We will partner him/her with a student ambassador to attend different classes on a regular school day, and we will even pick up the lunch tab!

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